Teshuvah Nights 2015


The High Holy Days process of T'shuvah directs us in a moral and spiritual inventory, an examination of the truth of our lives: the paths we've created with the steps taken in the past year, where we want to go in the coming year, and where we may have done harm that needs to be rectified. In nightly gatherings, "T'shuvah Nights," people support each other in this process while making new friends and deepening their connections into community. 20+ years ago, Karen Roekard brought this tradition started by Ethel Etiel Herring of Santa Cruz to The Aquarian Minyan.  We welcome you to participate NOW!

Wednesday, September 16th, Annual Purification Sweat Lodge. Lynda Caesara, Facilitator. Participants should be in good health and able to sit on the ground for a period of time in a very hot environment.  Reservations required. For further information, contact Miriam Stampfer: mrstampfer@lbl.gov

Thursday, Sept. 17th, "Skillfully Release and Resolve Grievances: Dueling Entitlements" Michael Gelbart, and Eileen Barker, Facilitators.
When two parties have simultaneous grievances, how do we succeed at being merciful and graceful in working them through? What are processes that are helpful in this endeavor?
At the home of Abigail & Shoshana, ​

2225A Woolsey St. Berkeley 94705 7pm: Dinner potluck; 7:30-9:30: program

Friday, September 18, Welcoming Shabbat Shuva, the "Sabbath of Return", in Community Jake Birnberg, Facilitator. With candles, wine and challah bread we heartily welcome our day of rest and continue the ancient tradition of sharing stories by candlelight. If you have one that you want to share, bring a tale from your life, past or present, that relates to the theme of T'shuvah. Veggie/Dairy Potluck at Jake's: 457 63rd St. Oakland 94609


Saturday, Sept. 19th, 7pm, "Being & Becoming: An Inquiry into Letting Go of Regrets" Barbara & Maury Zilber, Facilitators

Appetizer & Dessert Potluck at Karen Roekard's 1710 Lincoln St. 94703

Sunday, September 20th, 7pm, "Mapping the Journey" Julia Gilden, Facilitator. In this season where so much is about looking back, it's valuable to look forward to where we want to go.  With words, stories, drawing and more, we'll set our compasses and make starter maps for the coming year!  2951 Derby St. 94705 (Redwood Gardens Community Room, at front entrance) $3-$5 to cover expenses.  RSVP Julia if possible but not required  wildcat@well.com

Dessert potluck

Monday, September 21st, 7:30-9pm "The Path of Healing and Dying"

Barry & Debby Barkan, Facilitators. Seating is limited to 20 people.

Please RSVP (to barbarkan@gmail.com   dessert potluck


Special Extra Event, a T'shuvah Morning! Tuesday morning, September 22nd, 9-11 am, "Mindful Eating, Mindful Nutrition: Eating with the Brain in Mind" Reba Connell, Facilitator. Mindful Nutrition means that we pay attention to which foods nourish us individually.

Free intro to an 8-week class in Rockridge.

http://www.centerforstressreduction.com/mindful-eating-class.html, 510-594-8224


For further info on any of these nights call Karen Roekard 510-843-1499