HHD Theme 2011

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OUR THEME FOR 2011:  Hineini! Here I am!

Answer the call! Showing up for myself, my family, my community, my world, and the One.


Abraham answering the call of the One. “Abraham” and “Hineini” - Abraham experienced the call, his shifting his attention, and his response as in one breath. Each of us feels summoned to do the same.


I am here! ! I show up, turn up, and listen. I integrate the intellectual, the spiritual, and emotional parts of myself, my family, the community, the world, and That Which Encompasses All.

Showing up for my self. Am I on target? What course corrections will I make? The Days of Awe are a time for me to pay closer attention to my quiet inner voice which addresses these questions.

Showing up for my family and community. Those around me hope for my best. What is that? How will I be more loving toward others, both individually and societally? In what directions can we as a community turn?

Showing up for our world. What can I do to help heal this world which is constantly at risk politically, economically, and environ-mentally? What will I tell succeeding generations that I did?

Showing up for the One. How am I being summoned in the service of G_d to mend the brokenness in this world and to bring light where there is darkness? I can answer this by harkening both to what I hear inside me and to the calls of others.

We invite you to pray with us on the High Holy Days and to be renewed through our communal services. May all of us go higher, wider, and deeper. We each have a piece to add. We join together, hineinu, we are present. We purify and evolve ourselves, our community, our world, and the Creator.