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Renew the Holy, Make Holy the New

These are challenging times. Day after day the certainties of our world are shaken around us. Again and again we have to find the way home to center so that the deepest, wisest parts of our soul can be in charge.

We live our lives by the stories we tell ourselves - the stories we inherited from our family of origin, from our tribes, religions, countries, and other sources. The Yamim Nora'im - High Holy Days - are a precious opportunity and ancient practice for tuning into and tuning our stories, renewing our connection to the sacred story that encompasses us within all of humanity and creation.

So come join us as we journey through the story of our individual and collective souls, to find the paths we must walk, to find our deeper better selves! Our personal and communal vision guides us all in creating our path forward for the coming year, as TOGETHER we meet the challenge of rededicating ourselves to seeing life and death set before us and choosing life.

All Services will be held at RUDRAMANDIR  830 Bancroft St. @ 6th, Berkeley

Registration/info online at www.aquarianminyan.org/hh (or at the door)