Gatherings and Teachings

Thursday, August 23, 7 pm, Minyan Sharing with Marty Potrop Facilitating
Location: Abigail & Shoshana's, 2225 Woolsey St, Berkeley 94705
7 pm, veggie/fish/dairy potluck supper
7:30 sharing and discussion

Shalom Chevre,
We have revived a fundamental Minyan tradition: a MONTHLY MINYAN SHARING! Our community is improved by knowing one another better. Weaving a web of sharing, each of us will have the opportunity to tell something that we feel is important for the community to know about us.
Bring your joys, your concerns, your needs, your abundance, your stories, and let's enrich ourselves and community together.
Marty Potrop will facilitate.
Repeating event, 4th Thursday of each month usually

Sunday, August 26, 4-7 pm Join Fran Avni for music and merriment
Location: 6407 Regent St, Oakland 94618. Not wheelchair accessible
Join Fran once again for another harmony happening event, sharing songs of love and joy and hope and peace and spirit. Just in time for the New Year....
inspiring chants and songs old and new, harmony and unity.

Singer-songwriter Fran Avni is known for her warm welcoming vocals, creating instant harmonies, with her infectious and engaging sense of syncopation, chants and simple melodic lines. Instant harmony - instant community.
-With guests Rob Katz, Juli Moscovitz, Achi Ben Shalom, and more.....

Add a guitar, voice, share a song....

What to bring:

  • your friends
  • your instruments and voice
  • your food or drink for the wine and veggie/fish dairy snack potluck

donations for Fran will be gladly accepted
Questions or more info contact Shoshana 510 914 1291 or

Saturday, September 1, 7-10 pm, Selichot Gathering
Join us to prepare for the High Holy Days with a community-led Selichot (forgiveness) service in a home in the Oakland hills.

Selichot provides the opportunity to consider our behavior patterns, and, in the face of being flawed humans, seek ways to elevate ourselves and others, while requesting assistance from the Creative Source.
Please bring a dish &/or beverage for the veggie/fish/dairy potluck supper.
Please bring instruments and any song, prayer, or story you want to contribute. Call or text 510-914 1291 for more information or directions to 7290 Sayre Dr., Oakland


Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, September 9th:
Registration opens: 6:15 pm
Chanting and Candle-lighting: 7:15 pm
Ma'ariv-Evening service: 7:30 pm

Monday, September 10th:
9:30 am Shakharit
4:00pm Tashlikh, Aquatic Park in Berkeley, (directions available at Rosh Hashanah)
7 pm New Year's "Party": with our Rockin' Rebbe Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers

Tuesday, September 11th:
9:30 am meditation/chanting
9:45 Shakharit
11:30 Torah Service
12:30 Kiddush/snack
1:00 Shofar & Musaf Service

Tuesday evening, Sept 18 -- Wednesday, Sept 19 Yom Kippur