8/18 Shabbat Garden Service in Berkeley @ Abigail & Shoshana
8/19 Community Klezmer Simchat Torah Band Rehearses
8/23 Minyan sharing with Marty Potrop @ Abigail & Shoshana's
8/25 Reb Tsvi's Gratitude for health and healing, SF
8/26 Sing with Fran Avni @ Elizabeth Hirshfeld's, North Oakland
9/1 Selichot Gathering In Oakland Hills home

High Holy Days are Early this Year!
Sunday evening, Sept 9 –Tuesday, Sept 11, Rosh Hashanah
Tuesday evening, Sept 18 -- Wednesday, Sept 19 Yom Kippur

Gatherings and Teachings

Thursday, August 23, 7 pm, Minyan Sharing with Marty Potrop Facilitating
Location: Abigail & Shoshana's, 2225 Woolsey St, Berkeley 94705
7 pm, veggie/fish/dairy potluck supper
7:30 sharing and discussion

Shabbat Schedule

Saturday, August 18, 10:30 am, Shabbat Garden Service & Afternoon Study Session in Berkeley @ Abigail & Shoshana’s

Join us for a Musical Shabbat in the garden with Rob Katz, Aryae Coopersmith, Sophie Miron, Shoshana Dembitz, Len Fellman, Abigail Grafton and friends

2225 Woolsey, Berkeley 94705 down driveway thru gate.

Drash on Sh’lach L’cha

Drash on Sh’lach L’cha
By Abigail Grafton at the June 9th Shabbat morning service

Rabbi Diane Elliot’s Teaching on the Origins of Jewish Renewal

In case you missed Rabbi Diane's inspiring teaching on Sunday, January 21, here are her source texts ranging from the Talmud to the 21st-century: click here.

"How Did The Aquarian Minyan Get our First Torah?" By Reuven Goldfarb and Ljuba Davis

I remember the events around the acquisition of the Minyan's Torah well. I brought my godparents Marie and Lew Winston to Barry and Debby's wedding and that was Marie's first exposure to the Minyan. When she found out that the Minyan did not have a Torah of its own she told me, "This is what I've been waiting for, finding the right community who would welcome a Torah as its own and really treasure it!" When she heard that there was a Torah available in SF we went together to look at it----and she fell in love with it!

Author Series Reading by Reuven Goldfarb

Video recording of the reading Reuven Goldfarb gave for the Minyan at St. John’s on July 21, 2011

The Minyan Then and Now

Travel with us through time with this slideshow spanning 4 decades.

The Aquarian Minyan

The Aquarian Minyan invites you to our diverse and welcoming East Bay Jewish Renewal community.  Our community was conceived in ecstatic creativity by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, co-founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement.  
We are Jews of every level of observance, young and old, single and partnered, LGBT and straight, and every sort of family, differently-abled, spiritual seekers and practitioners of many traditions.
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